Cycling from Maastricht to the Mont Ventoux

From June 25, 2005 to July 9, 2005 we cycled from Maastricht in The Netherlands to the Mont Ventoux in the south of France. In total we covered 1657 kilometers in 15 days. At this website we provide some information on our trip.

Ludo Waltman and Nees Jan van Eck

Route from day to day

The following table shows the route that we covered from day to day. In the table the abbreviations F, G, N, and S denote, respectively, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.
Date Route Cols Distance
June 25 Maastricht (N) - Prüm (G) 117 km
June 26 Prüm (G) - Tholey (G) 134 km
June 27 Tholey (G) - Saverne (F) Col de Saverne (385 m) 146 km
June 28 Saverne (F) - Colmar (F) 102 km
June 29 Colmar (F) - Beaufort (F) Grand Ballon (1343 m) 114 km
June 30 Beaufort (F) - Pontarlier (F) Col de Ferrière (592 m) 132 km
July 1 Pontarlier (F) - Lausanne (S) Col des Etroits (1153 m) 81 km
July 2 Lausanne (S) - Annecy (F) Col du Mont Sion (786 m) 127 km
July 3 Annecy (F) - Echirolles (F) Col du Granier (1134 m)
Col de la Placette (588 m)
151 km
July 4 Echirolles (F) - L'Alpe d'Huez (F) - Livet et Gavet (F) L'Alpe d'Huez (1838 m) 97 km
July 5 Livet et Gavet (F) - Echirolles (F) 35 km
July 6 Echirolles (F) - Mens (F) Col Accarias (892 m) 66 km
July 7 Mens (F) - Rosans (F) Col de Menée (1457 m)
Col de Prémol (963 m)
123 km
July 8 Rosans (F) - Bedoin (F) Col du Reychasset (1052 m)
Col de Pierre Vesce (1056 m)
Col de St Jean (1158 m)
Col de Macuègne (1068 m)
Col N.D. des Abeilles (996 m)
110 km
July 9 Bedoin (F) - Mont Ventoux (F) - Suze la Rousse (F) Mont Ventoux (1912 m)
Col de la Madeleine (448 m)
122 km

Two well-known climbs

We undertook two well-known climbs, the climb to L'Alpe d'Huez and the climb of the Mont Ventoux. Some pictures of these climbs are available below: